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Need A Payday Advance? Take Out A Personal Loan!

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Need A Payday Advance? Take Out A Personal Loan!

If you find yourself in a financial pickle and need a payday advance, would your boss give you one? The answer is probably “no”. The fact of the matter is that most employees cannot take an advance on their salaries and as a result need to seek out their financial assistance from loan providers such as Low Budget Loans. At Low Budget Loans we believe in assisting individuals who need a financial helping hand through the tough times. With this in mind we provide a range of low cost loans that can easily be repaid in a short space of time.

When seeking out a payday advance loan you will usually be able to pay it back on the following payday. At Low Budget Loans we provide you with three repayment options. You can pay your loan back in one month or over two or three months. Your budget and of course your preferences will play a role in which option you go for. When taking out a loan with us you can have absolute peace of mind that you are being provided with a loan that has reasonable interest rates attached and is coupled with great terms and conditions. You will find that we can loan you any amount from R500 to R3000 – relatively small loan amounts that are easily repaid.

Making a loan application with Low Budget Loans is surprisingly simple. You can complete your application online and ensure that your supporting documentation is available and submitted. We generally require a copy of your identity document, bank statements and pay slip. Of course you can only qualify for a loan if you are permanently employed. If you are under debt administration or debt counselling, we will not be able to assist you.

We process and approve loans within 60 minutes, so you won’t need to wait a few days to find out the outcome of your application. We do carry out credit checks on applicants in accordance with the legal guidelines set out by the National Credit Regulator (NCR). All our fees, costs and interest rates remain fair and affordable as we work them out in accordance with the guidelines of the National Credit Act. Those who are approved for a loan with us can expect to receive the cash that they require to be paid out on the same day as their application is submitted.

Our website presents an approximate repayments schedule where you can look at the various amounts you are able to loan and the expected repayment amounts and overall interest you can expect to pay. You can also chat to our loan consultants at any time about a possible payday advance and how it will affect your current financial position and budget. They will also be able to better inform you of how our fees and interest rates are calculated.

Many people seek out short term or instant cash loans when they are faced with an unexpected expense or they need to avoid being blacklisted. Some even take out short term loans if they want to fund a small business venture, but don’t want to be tied into a long term loan contract. Regardless of your reasons for requesting a loan, you can rest assured that we will provide you with a package that is well suited to your needs and requirements.

When it comes to obtaining a payday advance loan, take the time to speak to one of our team members at Low Budget Loans. We will assist you with gaining control of your finances and being free from the shackles of debt and tough times.

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