Urgent Cash Loans – Don’t Wait Around – 60 Minute Turnaround Time On Applications

Submitted by danica on Fri, 08/31/2012 - 09:31
Urgent Cash Loans – Don’t Wait Around – 60 Minute Turnaround Time On Applications

If you are being faced with an emergency or unexpected expense or simply need a little extra cash to make it through the month, you might just find urgent cash loans to be the ultimate solution. Applying for an instant cash loan is not something that is made possible with all lending institutions, but at Low Budget Loans we pride ourselves on being able to provide our clients with their much needed cash in no time at all.

Urgent cash loans are our specialty. Simply complete the online application form, found on our website and have your supporting documentation, ready to send to us. We will require all of your personal information such as full name, identity number, address; place of employment and of course for you to confide whether you are blacklisted, under debt administration or debt review. It is vitally important to provide us with honest information as we are required to carry out a credit check and are unfortunately unable to assist individuals who are blacklisted or under administration.

The supporting documentation that will be required to complete the application process include a copy of your South African ID, bank statements of the last 3 months, and your latest payslip. These are used to finalise your loan application. Should everything be in order and you are approved for your requested loan, you will be notified and the cash paid over to you on the very same day.

Of course we won’t keep you waiting around – we have a 60 minute turnaround time on loan applications so you will know within the hour if we can provide you with the required financial assistance or not. If you meet with the minimum requirements then there should be no problem with your application – these requirements include being permanently employed for no less than 3 months and that you must reside within the borders of South Africa.

Urgent cash loans provided by us at Low Budget Loans are designed to be simple to apply for. Our consultants are always available to provide you with assistance and advice along the way. You will find that you can loan any amount from R500 to R3000 – these amounts are provided as bridging cash and have reasonable interest rates attached. All of our fees and interest charges are calculated according to the guidelines set in place by the National Credit Act, so at no point will you be charged unfairly.

We allow for our clients to choose from three payment options: one month, two months or three months. Our repayment terms are simple and should you wish to renew or refinance your loan, let us know before the repayment period is up and we will gladly assist you with this. We allow for greater loan amounts to be requested from us by individuals who have been with Low Budget Loans for more than 3 months.

Discovering that you have insufficient funds to afford all of your monthly expenses or an emergency can be quite depressing. Take the initiative to apply for an instant cash loan as soon you become aware that you require it. Same day payouts from the same bank with which you bank will ensure that there is no need to wait around for the much needed financial assistance, when being helped by Low Budget Loans. Our approach is professional, friendly and efficient. Each loan application is quickly processed and our clients assisted with urgency.

Urgent cash loans are just a few clicks away. Take the time to browse through our application form steps and prepare your supporting documents. We are going to assist you to regain your financial footing and live easier once more – all you have to do is ask.