Same Day Cash Loans Easily Obtained Online

Submitted by danica on Fri, 08/31/2012 - 09:31
Same Day Cash Loans Easily Obtained Online

Unfortunately many people realise their need for financial assistance with urgency. Same day cash loans are not available from every financial lending institution, but at Low Budget Loans you can expect for your loan application to be processed within just one hour and if approved, the money paid into your bank account by the end of the day.

Same day cash loans are something that should be used for emergencies, to avoid being blacklisted and as bridging cash. Applying for such a loan with us is simple – just complete the online application form and ensure that you have your supporting documentation handy to send to us.

Our website application is completed in just a few steps which will quite literally take only a few moments of your time. You will then be required to send through the following documentation to us:

  • A copy of your South African identity document.
  • Copies of the last 3 months of your bank statements. This must be for the bank account where your salary is paid into and it must be in your name.
  • A copy of your most recent payslip detailing your salary and deductions.

There are minimum requirements that one must meet with in order to qualify initially for an instant cash loan with us. Firstly, you will need to be living in South Africa. Also, you must be currently permanently employed and for no less than 3 months. Of course you will need to be able to afford to pay back the requested loan amount, so ensure that you are earning sufficient funds in order to easily do so. Unfortunately we are unable to provide cash loans to individuals who are blacklisted, under debt administration or debt review.

Same day cash loans at Low Budget Loans are designed to be quick and hassle free to apply for. Our team is friendly and knowledgeable and will be sure to provide you with any required information and assistance along the way. Whether you qualify for a loan with us; or not, you can expect to be treated with respect and understanding. Our repayment terms are known to be simple to understand and adhere to and our interest rates are kept low, for your convenience. We calculate all of our interest rates and fees in accordance with the guidelines set out by the National Credit Act, so you can expect fair treatment at all times.

Loans through Low Budget Loans can be of any amount from R500 to R3000 and you can choose to pay the loaned amount back over one-, two- or three months – the choice is yours. We make it easy for our clients to renew or refinance their loans so if you want to keep your cash flow situation healthy, this is always an option.

Our consultants are also always available to chat to you about the possibility of a loan and which options would be best suited to your needs. Should you find that during your loan period your situation changes and you are unable to afford your repayments, we must be notified immediately. Much the same is expected should your banking details, physical address or place of employment change.

Applying for same day cash loans with us at Low Budget Loans is as convenient as possible. There is no need to pay a visit to our offices or make many calls. Everything can be done online, via email and of course telephonically. Our consultants are trained and experienced to make the process as quick and painless as possible. Take the time to chat to us at Low Budget Loans and allow us to assist you to turn your financial situation around and take control of your finances once more.