Personal Cash Loans - Personal Cash Loans Online Application Tips

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Personal Cash Loans - Personal Cash Loans Online Application Tips

Personal Cash Loans Online Application Tips

There comes a time in most people’s lives when they urgently need some extra cash. You may need cash for an unforeseen expense or for an upcoming event. There are several options available, but making the right choice can be difficult. Firstly you need to compare personal cash loans in South Africa, and once you have narrowed down your options, all it takes is three easy steps to get an approval from several loan providers before deciding on the best option that suits your needs.

Many of the lenders facilitate unsecured cash loan applications as well as offer fast turn around times. In addition they also offer personalized service whereby a staff member is assigned to you for the duration of the process. There are no broker fees, and the application process is simple and quick. Many of the company’s not only offer cash loans but also micro loans and debt consolidation.

Frequent question asked:

  • What size loan can I apply for – the amount will depend on your profile, as you can qualify for a cash amount between R500 up to R3 000

  • Once I have applied, when will I receive the money – once all the required documentation has been received and the loan has been approved, the money should be deposited in your account within a full working day

  • What documentation is required – a certified copy of your ID, certified copies of your last three months bank statements, proof of residence such as a utility bill, your latest originals payslip and the completed application form

  • How will I know if my documentation has been received – When the documentation has been received, you will be contacted by an agent the same or following working day

  • What exactly is an un-secure cash loan – this is a loan where you are not required to present any collateral or surety

When submitting an application form, make sure that you include your full name and ID number on all the documents, as this will ensure that your documents do not go missing or get separated and will also assist in identifying your application.

There are some lending institutions are able to process and approve your application with an hour, and your money will be paid into your bank account on the same day. You can repay your loan amount from 1 month up to 3 months. Your monthly re-payments will be determined on the amount you loaned. However, there are some lending institutions that will not be able to assist you with personal cash loans if you are under debt administration or debt counselling.

If you need money today, know that a small cash loan is only a click away.