Personal Loans for Everyone

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Personal Loans for Everyone

Personal loans are those that are required for personal and not business use. A personal loan is often used to pay off debt, avoid getting blacklisted, fund a start up business or pay for an unexpected emergency. Personal loans are generally easier to achieve than business loans as smaller amounts are required and the general intention is to pay them back as quickly as possible. Business loans are generally paid off over a few years. At Low Budget Loans we provide the general public with access to low cost personal loans that are designed to meet with the needs of the people.

At Low Budget Loans our loan packages offer reasonably small amounts of R500 to R3000 which can choose to pay back to us over one month, two months or three months. Our interest rates are low and we ensure that you are presented with the different monthly repayment options and attached figures before any contracts are entered into. Personal loans from us are also provided on short notice which makes us a popular choice. You can apply for a loan today and if you are approved, you can expect to be paid out today as well. In fact, we are so efficient that our loan applications and approvals are generally completed within one hour.

Unfortunately we are unable to assist individuals who are unemployed, under debt counselling or under debt administration. We are registered with the NCR (National Credit Regulator) and as a result are required to carry out credit checks on each applicant. These credit checks will advise us on how you handle your current credit and if you are blacklisted or under debt review and administration. It is always best to be as open and honest on your application as possible.

We also work out our rates and interest rates in accordance with the NCA (National Credit Act) and as a result, they are always fair and affordable. If you are interested to see what you would be expected to pay back on your loan each month, take a look at the approximate repayment schedule on our website – this will provide you with monthly figures which are all inclusive of interest, fees and credit life. When it comes to taking our personal loans, always make sure that you can afford the monthly repayments first before signing a contract.

All individuals who apply for a loan with us can expect to be treated with dignity and respect. Your application will be treated as confidential and our friendly and experienced staff members will ensure that your application is handled professionally and efficiently. Regardless of your reasons for requiring a loan – we are here to help.

Take a moment to consider your options when it comes to personal loans. By trusting us with your financial needs and requirements you will be provided with the opportunity to gain access to loans that offer same day payout, easy repayment terms and low cost interest rates. Take advantage of our great loan packages on offer today.

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