Payday Advance Loans – Handle Your Finances Better With a Little Bit of Help

Submitted by danica on Sun, 08/31/2014 - 09:30
Payday Advance Loans – Handle Your Finances Better With a Little Bit of Help

Many people feel that there are just too many days in the month and not enough time to achieve all that they need to in order to make enough income to cover their many expenses. Payday advance loans are extremely appreciated by those who are unable to generate enough income to pay for their general monthly bills, as well as those unexpected expenses and emergencies that seem to pop up. Achieving an advance on your salary from your place of employment might not be a simple task, but at Low Budget Loans this option is made available to all individuals who are able to meet with the minimum requirements.

The minimum requirements for obtaining financial aid from us are as follows:

  • A copy of your identity document must be supplied.
  • You must be able to submit to us 3 months bank statements proving that your salary is transferred into this account each month.
  • Your latest pay slip or salary advice must be provided and you must be currently employed at this business for no less than 3 months, on a permanent basis.
  • You must live within the borders of South Africa.

At Low Budget Loans we expect for you to be going through a tough financial time. With this in mind we will provide you with the much needed cash and ensure that you are offered a number or repayment options. You can choose to pay it back over one month, two months or three months – whichever suits you best. Of course if you know that you are unable to make a payment during the course of your contract, we must be advised immediately. Much the same, we must be advised if your place of employment or physical home address changes.

Keep in mind that one must always be as honest and upfront as possible when applying for financial assistance, as credit checks must be carried out on the individual. If you are blacklisted, under debt administration or review, we will unfortunately not be able to assist you. A credit check will be able to tell any financial lending institution about your credit history and how you have been managing your existing accounts and credit. Keep on top of your monthly payments and you will find yourself with an excellent credit record.

We allow for our clients to refinance their loan amount should they wish to keep their cash flow healthy. Our consultants are also always available to assist you with your financial aid queries and concerns. Of course our payday advance loans are designed to assist you when you are experiencing difficulties and so the amounts we make available are generally between R500 and R3000. Our repayment terms and conditions are reasonable and you are sure to find our staff members absolutely friendly and helpful.

Applying for assistance is as simple as visiting our website and completing the online form. Have your documentation ready so that you can submit it, as soon as your pre-approval is advised. We have a very quick turnaround time on applications so you can expect to be approved and paid out on the very same day that you make application – this sort of convenience has earned us a great deal of respect on the market.

Take the time to discuss your goals and needs with one of our consultants at Low Budget Loans. It is with great pride that we endeavour to make the lives of each and every one of our clients easier, and more hassle free. Allow us to assist you with your financial affairs and you could very well be back on your feet and in control of your finances once more.